Host virtual hiring events of any size for free

CloudHire's free virtual event platform is built to create an engaging candidate and recruiter experience. Market the event internally or sponsor your event to quickly get interviews with quality talent.

How it Works

#1 Source Talent

To bring the right talent, we help you intelligently promote your jobs with programmatic ads.

Traditional avenues of outreach like job boards are becoming increasingly expensive.

To lower your costs, we utilize programmatic advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms to reach all possible candidates, including hard-to-find passive candidates.

We utilize our database of 900,000+ job seekers to invite relevant and qualified candidates to review your jobs and request an interview.

Recruiters review resumes and accept or reject candidates.

#2 Screen & Schedule

Remove 90% of the time spent on manual recruiting tasks like scanning resumes, pre-screening talent and confirming candidate interviews.

Set customized job screener questions to qualify candidates.

Eligible candidates can then automatically request interviews with your team.

You review resumes and accept or reject candidates.

Over 73% of candidates that pass screener questions are accepted, which directly translates to a reduction in your cost per applicant.

#3 Prevent No-Shows

Once a candidate schedules an interview, we put our focus on making sure they show up to their scheduled interview or cancel if they're no longer interested.

We know how valuable your time is, so we place a huge emphasis on making sure that candidates actually show up to their interviews.

We use a combination of automated text reminders & email reminders to make sure that candidates show up to the right place at the right time.

Even in roles that are notorious for no-shows (ex: entry level hourly positions), our process achieves at least a 70% attendance rate, with rates typically closer to 85-90%.

#4 Streamline Interviews

With no apps to download or links to manage, CloudHire provides a seamless virtual interview experience for employers and candidates.

Interview over video or audio depending on your business needs.

Preview resumes, take notes, and log candidate disposition data all within the CloudHire Interview experience.

Pay-For-Performance job advertising
Need help marketing your hiring event? Sponsor your event to quickly get interviews with qualified talent. Only pay for results; your budget is only used when someone clicks on one of your job postings. Get peace-of-mind that your events will be well-attended and deliver qualified candidates, without costing your team a lot of time.
job sponsor dialog

By hosting an event, I was able to set up a sponsored event where I needed. CloudHire in turn sourced all of the candidate types that I required. I was blown away by the quality of matches CloudHire helped me gain in one day for a sensible cost!”

- Technical Recruiter

After a colleague mentioned this company I did some research. The virtual platform is unmatched. This was a game changer for us as we were spending upwards of $5,000 per event we hosted. Great service and cost effective, we highly recommend CloudHire."

- Talent Acquisition Specialist

I just got finished with my first event, 10/10. The platform just makes sense, everything down to how I view candidates, to interviewing, to the reporting, it just all works exactly as it should."

- Recruiter

Hands down the most cost-effective way for us to recruit right now. The sponsor tool even told me how many candidates would attend the event based on our budget. Very transparent, efficient, and most of all effective."

- Recruiting Specialist